“We’re calling on Strathcona & Chinatown to build a sustainable business they can call their own...” read more.

Local Foods Wins!

Poll Closed!

Poll #2: “What type of Local Service belongs at 243 Union?”

A.) Local Foods

This Space would be a local products grocery store and healthy meals eatery, centred around salads, healthy snacks and juices. The business would offer a fresh assortment of grocery items that will also be used to prepare meals for those who prefer a take-out meal service or dine-in option. We’ll draw on local producers who follow organic and sustainable practices, and will vary our grocery items and menus seasonally.

Think fresh, think healthy, think local…all at reasonable and fair prices.

B.) Fresh Breads

This Space would be a bread focused café and take-out delicatessen. Select from local quality breads and all that should accompany bread. Residents in Chinatown and Strathcona, nearby offices, and cycling commuters will find it convenient to pick up sandwiches in the morning for lunch or take out nicely plated bread, cheese and olives in the evening for dinner.

Think all things bread. Meats, cheeses, an olive bar, oils, and deli. Want a cosy place for a glass of wine in the evening? This Space can be that too.

C.) Mixed Use

We may not be a community centre, but we think we can make some community activities work in This Space. Bootcamp or Kids Kung Fu classes? Art Exhibit or Comedy Show? Indie Film Screenings and Mommy Matinees? All are possible.

This Space will keep transforming throughout the day, during the week, seasonally, and over time to adapt to people’s demand for services. We’ll make sure that a portion of the schedule is allocated for community-related activities, even some that need to be funded by other activities.

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