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Poll #2 – What Type of Local Service?

What type of Local Service do you think belongs at 243 Union Street?

In Poll #1, Local Service (46%) beat out Restaurant (40%). If you were hoping for sushi and tacos, perhaps Another Space will provide them soon for Chinatown and Strathcona! As for This Space, the most popular Local Service suggestions were for evening groceries, bakery and community activities. So, we’ve come up with three concepts centred around these suggestions, and are proposing them to you now as Poll #2. We think each is financially viable and reflective of your comments.

We are proposing the grocery and bakery choices as combo concepts with eateries. These combos will (1) offer food by selling grocery/bread items to some customers and using these same items to make meals for others; (2) not ignore a clear demand for more eating options, as reflected by the 40% Restaurant vote in Poll #1; and (3) make Union Street more vibrant in the evening. On the community activities choice, we think we can develop a mixed-use business with many possibilities.

Please consider these choices and vote for your favorite Local Service:

A ) Local Foods Grocery & Meals

This Space would be a local products grocery store and healthy meals eatery, centred around salads, snacks and juices. The business would offer fresh groceries that will also be used to prepare meals for those who prefer a dine-in or take-out meal option. To maintain reasonable costs, we’ll draw on local producers, and will vary our grocery items and menus seasonally.

One wall of This Space could be dedicated to all things veggie. It would house the fresh ingredients we would use to make you a salad, but also serve as a grocery wall for people who want to cook at home. An assortment of our house-made dressings, salsas and toppings would accompany the fresh salad ingredients, made/grown locally and with eco-friendly packaging. Dine-in seating would include a bar that provides a front row seat to the chef’s chopping skills.

Think fresh, think healthy, think local…all at reasonable and fair prices.

B ) Fresh Bread & Accompaniments 

While This Space is too small to be a full-scale bakery, we can offer a bread focused café and take-out delicatessen.

We could make limited signature breads, with other bread options sourced locally and delivered daily. Select from local quality breads and all that should accompany bread.

Local residents, nearby offices, and cycling commuters will find it convenient to pick up sandwiches in the morning for lunch or take out nicely plated bread, cheese and olives in the evening for dinner. Perhaps swing by Union Street for a Spanish-style chorizo plate with a freshly baked ¼ loaf of olive bread.

Think all things bread. Meats, cheeses, an olive bar, oils, and delicatessen. Want a cosy place to have a glass of wine in the evening? This Space can be that too.

C ) Mixed-Use Activities Studio

We think we can make some community activities work in This Space. Bootcamp or Kung Fu classes? Art Exhibit or Comedy Show? Independent Films and Mommy Matinees? All are possible. And we’ll need some of you to lead these activities. Maybe you’re a Kung Fu master who starts out at This Space before you open up a dedicated studio in Chinatown.

We’ll also rent out This Space for other activities. Are you a local business or designer who needs a meeting room to make a presentation? Maybe you didn’t get invited to speak at TEDx and want to set up your own talks. Or do you need to rent a studio for a photo shoot?

This Space will keep transforming throughout the day, during the week, seasonally, and over time to respond to people’s demand for services. We’ll ensure that some time is allocated for community-related activities that serve Chinatown and Strathcona, even some that need to be funded by other activities. And we can have Ping Pong nights there too.

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