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A Legoland for Mixed Activities

Here are the keys. What do you want to do here?

Our Mixed-Use Activities Studio concept will only have 600 square feet. But you may be surprised about the different types of activities that can take place in This Space. Can a Mixed-Use Activities Studio, succeed as a Local Service business? We think so. The real question is, “What do you want to do here?”

We’re asking you this question right now in Poll #2, but if your Local Service choice is Mixed-Use Activities Studio, This Space at 243 Union Street will keep asking you that question.

And you’ll keep helping to decide. Bootcamp? Yoga? Kung Fu? Ping Pong? Comedy Show? Business Meeting? Day Care? By paying or not paying for the classes and events that are offered, you’ll decide which activities will be scheduled there and which ones will be rotated out.

If we offer quality activities that you want in an inspiring space, we think you’ll want to help sustain This Space as a vibrant space that generates social activity on Union Street. If This Space becomes a Mixed-Use Activities Studio, you’ll keep shaping it.

And we’ll keep transforming This Space accordingly. Like Lego.

Here’s an inspiring video of what can be done with small spaces:

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