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Some Things Bread

Can This Space be all things bread?

Well, people can already access a few delicious bread options on and around Union Street…fresh muffins and scones in the morning at Hogan’s Alley Cafe, tasty Vietnamese subs for lunch from Ba Le Sandwich Shop, and BBQ pork steamed buns to take home from several Chinese bakeries.

But several bicyclists commuting along Union Street have stopped by to ask for a business at This Space where they can grab a sandwich for lunch on the way to work and maybe pick up a baguette in the evening on the way home. We also know people working nearby who want more eating options for their work week. And why are so many residents asking for a bakery?

No, This Space can’t be all things bread. But if you vote for Fresh Breads, we’ll try to figure out some delicious things bread for you.

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