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Name This Park

Across from This Space, the Prior Street ramp for the Georgia Viaduct hovers over a large block of green space. Sometimes it’s not so green, and sometimes it takes awhile for the trash to be taken away. We don’t think it’s registered as an official park.

But this green space sees plenty of activity. We see people sitting on the bench to eat their lunch. We see dogs sniffing around in the early evening. And we see people throwing the frisbee around on a sunny weekend day.

There have been lots of opinion about what should be done with this green space. But maybe we should start by naming it.

Plus, we can’t keep calling it “This Park”. At some point, we’ll need a new name for it…

What would you name this park?

Here is the Vancouver Park Board policy on Park Naming:

Proposed park names will be evaluated by considering historical, cultural and geographic elements and using the following park naming guidelines:

1. Geographic: The park, trail, road or other feature being named generally should
relate to a constant feature either nearby or within that park. This could relate to a
bordering street name or a natural or man-made feature. This does not preclude
the consideration of a name already in common use for the park. Such geographic
criteria give ease of identification with relation to the park.

2. Commemorative: When no such constant feature is present or it is desired to
commemorate an historical event or person important to the Park Board, City of
Vancouver, or a person having made a substantial contribution to the Park Board,
a park may be named for that person. Generally, names of individuals should only
be used posthumously, except in the case of a living person who has a lifetime
achievement consistent with the Park Board’s mandate.

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