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Final Score – Poll #4

And our graphic designer is…Naomi Macdougall.

Your votes have selected Naomi Macdougall to do the branding for Harvest. Naomi lives in Strathcona just down the street from 243 Union. We are confident that she will produce an inspiring brand for our business, based on our conversation with her, her familiarity with the neighbourhood, and her impressive design portfolio ( We look forward to working with you Naomi!

And thanks so much to all the talented candidates who participated in our project.

Final Score:
Naomi Macdougall – 32.2%
Lindsay Chetek & Asa Cederholm – 22.6%
Christopher Williams & Colin Poon – 19.5%
Shawn Parkinson – 8.6%
Isabelle Swiderski – 8.6%
Andy Dixon – 8.6%

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One Response to Final Score – Poll #4

  1. By Hailey, January 26, 2012 at 10:40 am

    Yay, Naomi! Well done and a huge congrats!

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