“We’re calling on Strathcona & Chinatown to build a sustainable business they can call their own...” read more.

Harvest is officially open!

This Space proudly presents Harvest Community Foods ( at 243 Union Street.

Over the months, you have decided what type of business belongs at 243 Union. From a white-walled room with a ping pong table, 243 Union is now a local foods business. But we built it with your help to be much more than that. Harvest will continue the tradition of This Space continue to bring community together. Hopefully, we will continue to meet people who educate us and help us.

Harvest has truly been built by a large community around us. During this process, we have developed many relationships with Chinatown/Strathcona residents, engaging Vancouverites, and local foods experts. You have all educated us and helped us build this small business. Harvest is now open to offer our neighbourhood delicious, healthy and transparent food at convenient hours.

What’s next for Harvest? Responsibilities now rest on two passionate food professionals Stephanie Schneider and Mina Hideshima working to build Harvest into a valuable business for our neighbourhood and for our city. But Harvest will fulfill its promises set out during This Space. Harvest will continue to engage and serve its community, by being a local foods grocery and by being a community space.

What’s next for This Space? Stay tuned…

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