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Poll #1 – What Type of Business?

What type of business do you think belongs at 243 Union Street?

We’re excited to share Poll #1 with you. What business does this neighbourhood need? Place your vote. Know other people who are interested in the Chinatown/Strathcona area? Tell them to vote too. Help us decide this first question, and we’ll be well on our way to starting a business here that the community wants.

A.) Restaurant

Do you think This Space would make a good eatery? Restaurants such as Campagnolo, London Pub, Caffe Brixton, Phnom Penh, Bao Bei and Keefer Bar are already attracting people from around town to the Chinatown/Strathcona area for dining and entertainment. This Space is small, but want more dining options in the area? Sushi bar? Taqueria? Gourmet sandwiches? Vote “Restaurant” and post a comment about what you’d like to eat.

B.) Retail

Can This Space help Union Street become a vibrant shopping destination for Vancouver? New clothing boutiques Charlie & Lee and The Board of Trade have become instant attractions for the block. And retail on Union Street is not just fashion. Land (baby & gift items), SHOP/TASK (roller blades), jett grrl bike studio (customised bikes) are next door neighbours. Vote “Retail” if you want more shopping on Union Street. And post a comment.

C.) Local Service

Union Street is a convenient location for a diverse Strathcona community, condominium residents in the new V6A and Ginger buildings, and the bicyclists using Union Street as one of Vancouver’s designated bike lanes. Should This Space provide some basic service to the local residents, children, or commuting bicyclists? Grocery store? Art, music or books? What about something for pets? Vote “Local Service” and post a comment about what is needed.

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