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Each day, or days when we find it necessary, This Space will be highlighting discussion from our posts, our twitter, and our facebook…anything that we believe deserves more discussion, more attention, answers a question, or asks a question.

Our first day was a brilliant start. We had an overwhelming amount of votes and comments, and several emails from media, community and tweeters. Thanks for getting involved. Here are some highlights:

For-Profit or Non-Profit?

Twitter follower Robert Kwei tweets: “@This__Space Great idea! So will you guys be running the space once it’s chosen? Are you a nonprofit?

We feel these are two important questions that need answering right away.

This Space will run the business and remain owners of 243 Union Street. That being said, let’s say the community chooses a Sushi Restaurant…we have no idea how to make sushi! In that case, we’d have to hire or maybe even partner with a sushi chef, which of course the community will vote on. Any good sushi chefs here in Strathcona? *hint* staff / manager video interviews will take place and be voted on by you *end hint*

This Space is for-profit, but our objectives are much more than that. Yes, we need to make a living, but we want to provide a service that the community wants. And we’ll look to give a portion of any profits back to community projects (which of course the community will vote on). As a social enterprise, we’re looking to create a partnership with the community for mutual benefit. We see government increasingly partnering with private business to deliver services to people. Why not try this on a community level? In what shape and form? We’re not exactly sure. But one thing we are sure of, we are 100% committed to helping the community build a sustainable business that they value.


There were some innovative remarks yesterday about pop-up concepts, including:

By zoe, September 19, 2011 at 4:44pm

“i’d like to see something in the spirit of a pop-up. something that rotates, that can give local whatevers (designers, bakers, painters, etc.) the opportunity to test out their wares with the public, without all the risk that full commitment to a storefront demands (very helpful to those just starting out). it would allow the “whatevers” the chance for direct market research – ie: how does the public respond in general, and how do they respond to particular pieces – and it gives us, the passersby, the visitor, the neighbour, something to look forward to each month – ie: oh, what’s coming this month? and we’ll return and return and return.
perhaps there could be a portion of the space that’s allocated to dedicated use that doesn’t rotate, and then another portion for the rotating. this would allow a regular flow of visitors to the dedicated space because we’d also be coming to see what’s coming into the rotating space.

thanks. best. z”

What do you guys think about this concept? Zoe and others–can we discuss how we would make this business model sustainable, so that we can offer this service for a long time to come? Does the business rent the space out or take a percentage of revenues, etc?

Calling on Strathcona and Chinatown…

Like many people, we have lots of business ideas. But what does the community want? This is the core question of our project. We’re not exactly searching for ideas to start a business. Rather, we want YOU to shape the business. We’re calling on Strathcona and Chinatown to build a sustainable business they can call their own.

Please share this project with others who may be interested. And Vote Now!

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