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This Local Service?

Local Service has been the popular vote in recent days, and now ranks slightly ahead of Restaurant to lead Poll #1!

So, what do we consider Local Service?

You have provided different ideas on what Local Service This Space can be: an organic grocery store, general store, hair salon, pharmacy, pet food store, etc. Suggestions have also included ideas that are arts, culture and community-related.

But can we get more creative? We’re getting some interesting ideas on community businesses and rotating pop-ups. Any other thoughts?

Remember, the local service needs to be profitable. This neighbourhood could benefit from many community and cultural services. But This Space is a small private business and needs to cover its costs to make a reasonable profit.

What are the keys to profitability? Is it affordability? Is it attracting a larger market to Union Street? Is it quality? Or, is it increasing awareness? And, is it only certain services that can be profitable in this location?

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