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Our Business Plan Roadmap

We went to our bank yesterday and attended an event called “Keys to Successful Business Management”. The financial advisor spoke about the importance of having a Roadmap for business start-up. We thought about how our own Roadmap looks like: we’re starting a business on Union Street but…don’t know what it is yet.

We may not be able to get a bank loan with our Roadmap, but we think having the community build this business in Chinatown/Strathcona is the right approach for This Space.

Already, we’re thinking through your many suggestions for 243 Union Street, and drafting business plans to figure out which ones are viable. Will your suggestions lead to sufficient revenues? And can these revenues cover our costs of: salaries, inventory, mortgage, taxes, utilities, insurance, equipment, etc.?

Based on what type of business you think belongs at 243 Union Street, we’ll soon present more specific business concepts for you to vote on. But Poll #1 is still open for voting.

That’s how things stand with our own version of a Roadmap.

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