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Current Score

Poll #1 closes next Friday, October 14th.

The race is even tighter this week! Local Service still leads, but only by a little bit. Local Service is at 42%, Restaurant 41%, Retail 11%, and Other at 6%.

You have one more week to vote on Poll #1. So if you haven’t got your vote in yet, make sure you do so. All week, we’ll be at This Space, 243 Union Street, accepting ballots in person. If you know someone who can’t access our website to vote, please tell them to come by This Space. Or if you just want to chat and play some Ping Pong, that’s cool too.

We also need your help to spread the word. We want to get more people involved. So please share our link via facebook, twitter and word-of-mouth. Get into discussion with your neighbours as to what you need in This Space. Convince them your opinion is the right one!

We will be launching the next poll on Monday, October 17th with a more narrowed down question. But let’s get some more thoughts through Poll #1 first, VOTE!

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