“We’re calling on Strathcona & Chinatown to build a sustainable business they can call their own...” read more.

About This Space

We’re calling on Strathcona & Chinatown to build a sustainable business they can call their own.

This Space is a community business project situated at 243 Union Street in Vancouver’s Chinatown/Strathcona neighbourhood.

Over the coming months, a series of polls will allow people to vote on the various decisions needed to start a business in This Space. From basic decisions such as “What type of business?”, to conceptual questions like “What design makes you feel comfortable here?”, the community will help us build a business in This Space.

Who is the community? If you live, work or play near This Space, we want you to participate and stay involved. We encourage comments and discussion on all related topics. Every question will be important in building a sustainable business that this neighbourhood needs and values. If you have skills, there will be opportunities along the way to work with This Space.

All you have to do is stay tuned and vote. Then watch as This Space evolves into a truly local business.

Our Objectives

* Build and Run a business that is a valuable member of the community
* Hire qualified people from the neighbourhood or nearby
* Support local charities and community projects with a portion of earnings

Why This Space?

243 Union Street lies at the edges of Chinatown and Strathcona neighbourhoods. Although this Union Street block has a rich and eclectic history, it has been very quiet for many years. This area was once a vibrant neighbourhood called Hogan’s Alley before construction of the Georgia Viaduct in the late 1960s destroyed the community here.

Recently, new residents and businesses have been moving into the area. This renewal has been good for revitalising social and economic activity, making the streets safer, and attracting people from around Vancouver to enjoy the area. But great care is needed to manage any change in this diverse neighbourhood. This Space provides the opportunity for people interested in this neighbourhood to help establish one business product or service for this area. In doing so, it serves as one forum for improving community dialogue and participation about the neighbourhood.

On Union Street and on nearby blocks in Chinatown, many commercial spaces remain empty. This Space is a project designed to help both the business and the community. The business benefits from the community telling us what they want. The community benefits by deciding what business comes to their neighbourhood. This community engagement reduces risk for business investment, and provides added pressure for the business to act accountably in the neighbourhood. Tell us how you feel about this area and help us shape this business. Vote now!

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